The Florida Caverns State Park


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Cool air, the sound of dripping water, a visual array of mystifying stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and draperies. This is what greets visitors when they explore the otherworldly depths of Florida Caverns.

Florida Caverns extends visitors a rarity in the state, a chance to explore stunning caves. In moving between the large underground rooms, one can observe the many chisel marks made by 1930s-era Civilian Conservation Corps workers. These hard-working men enlarged the cave passageways by hand, so visitors could stand upright during the guided tours. They also built the park’s spacious visitor’s center. We are excited to welcome everyone back to visit the awe-inspiring splendor of the Florida Caverns State Park.

The Florida Caverns is a natural limestone cave, part of a system of Ocala limestone which stretches out into North Florida and South Alabama and South Georgia.

Cave tour at the "Wedding Cake"

Cave Tour at the “Wedding Cake”

The Florida Caverns State Park is a 1500 acre sanctuary bordering both banks of the spring fed Chipola River. Cave tours are conducted every day of the week. The visitor center features exhibits and historic artifacts.

The park features an array of activities besides the cave tours, including camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, canoeing on the Chipola River, as well as horseback riding.

The Friends of the Florida Caverns is a Community Service Organization (CSO) dedicated to preserving, protecting and supporting the Florida Caverns State Park.

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