Cave Tours


Due to recent rain events portions of the cave are currently closed.  High water from the Chipola River has made its way into the cave making some portions of the cave inaccessible.

For more information contact The Florida Caverns Gift Shop at 850-526-2650.

Get your Cave Tour tickets at the Gift Shop on the first floor of the museum building.

Experience the wonder of a unique underground limestone cave system on a journey through time with a guided cave tour. Observe formations that have grown slowly over thousands of years.  Tours are temporarily being conducted with flashlights while the cavern lighting system is undergoing Hurricane Michael storm damage repairs.

Please be aware our cave tours may sell out, call the Florida Caverns Gift Shop at 850-526-2650 to ensure availability. 


Tour Fees

  •  Ages 0-2: No fee
  • Ages 3-12: $5 per person
  • Ages 13 and up $10.75 per person
  • Groups of 20 or more with prepaid reservations are $4, plus tax, per person (Monday – Friday only, weekends excluded)
  • Cave tours are not available on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


Visitors on a cave tour (photo by Hayley Lavaty)

Visitors on a cave tour (photo by Hayley Lavaty)

Guided flashlight cave tour tickets may be purchased daily, in person, at the Florida Caverns Gift Shop. Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis beginning at 9 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST) Monday through Sunday, excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Although the cave’s electricity has not been restored, we are in the process of upgrading the lighting to increase our visitors’ cave experience. Because of the power outage, every visitor participating in the cave tour will need a flashlight. Flashlights will be provided but must be returned at the end of the tour. Visitors have the option to buy a Florida Caverns State Park monogrammed flashlight at a discounted price if bought from the gift shop at the time of the cave tour ticket purchase.

  • Groups of 20 or more may make reservations no less than three weeks in advance. Please contact the gift shop Monday – Friday at 850-526-2650 for group reservations.
  • Limited parking is available.  Arrive early, cave tickets may sell out in advance.


Visitors touring the Florida Caverns cave

Visitors touring the Florida Caverns cave

Tours depart near the Visitor Center where visitors learn the safety precautions that are needed to participate, including having to stoop many times to pass through areas with a ceiling height of 4 1/2 feet for distances as far as 15 feet in length, narrow passages, 50 descending steps (possibly 50 ascending if the tour is modified due to high water conditions), slippery walkways, and the importance of not touching anything inside the fragile cave environment.

Visitors will walk 350 feet to the cave entrance and down 35 steps using a handrail.  When entering the caverns, it will take a few moments to become acclimated to the dimly-lit environment and year-round 65-degree temperature.  The tour moves at a leisurely pace through a dozen cave rooms where the visitors are verbally guided through the cave’s history, early uses, and interesting geological formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns and flowstones.  Visitors may occasionally encounter some of the animals that call the cave home such as bats, mice, cave crickets, salamanders, cave spiders and the occasional snake or frog.

As the tour concludes, visitors ascend a 15-degree walkway to emerge into a hardwood forest and enjoy a self-paced walk back to the Visitor Center.  An audio-visual tour of the cave trails is offered in the museum of the Visitors Center for those who would rather enjoy the tour from the comfort of the theater.

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